Hi, I'm Caye — nice to meet you. 👋🏽

I'm a pharmacist graduate who dove straight into web development in 2018 and never looked back. I like easing pain points, one design or tech solution at a time.

I started out in health tech and am now in the telco industry. React, JavaScript, Node, Express, and GraphQL have always been my go-to tools, sprinkled with some Python/Django.

When you're in tech, you're pretty much devoting yourself into a lifetime of learning. (Which is why I like it here!) I write what I learn in case others might find it helpful — mostly about side projects or career tips, sprinkled with some shenanigans every now and then. My guiding question when I write is What would me from six months ago would have loved to hear? 🙂

If that's something you'd be interested in, feel free to follow me or subscribe below 📩 Thanks for dropping by!

P.S. I also maintain a Substack newsletter, Dev Dictionary, which is more introspective and free-form if anything. Come visit and subscribe if you want tech-inspired literary pieces.

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Caye Borreo

Caye Borreo

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